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The xcellweb.net brand was first established in May 2003, however the service can trace its roots back to 2002. Now owned solely by WirralNet, a thriving UK based internet services company, it is 100% privately funded, and debt-free. Xcellweb.net is the premium internet services brand offered by WirralNet, with all services including a QoS guarantee backed up by our unique SLA and priority customer services as standard.
WirralNet is trusted and respected by many clients, partners and affiliates worldwide. The ethos of WirralNet is centred around the provision of reliable and secure services, located on the most redundant platforms, backed by impressive customer service, at fair and sustainable pricing.
We are big enough to cope, yet small enough to care...
In 2002, WirralNet (as ukpcnet.co.uk) began offering shoutcast servers, quickly followed by web hosting based on the Ensim platform. In May 2003, a Liverpool based company, Xcellweb.co.uk, began offering internet consultancy and design. In late 2003, Xcellweb chose WirralNet as their primary web hosting provider.
The partnership continued until mid-2005, when it became clear that Xcellweb.co.uk had encountered financial issues and was about to cease trading. In an act of good faith, and to ensure Xcellweb clients were not without a web hosting service, WirralNet agreed a deal to acquire the Xcellweb.co.uk domain name and brand, and it's web hosting customers.
After the acquisition of the Xcellweb.co.uk brand, WirralNet acquired the Xcellweb.net domain name, and sought to utilize the brand to unify it's shared hosting, reseller hosting, shoutcast, and dedicated server brands, which had by this time, become seperated under unique domain names and brands.
In December 2005, the Xcellweb brand re-launched, initially offering web hosting, but gradually moving towards the objective of unifying all services offered by WirralNet. This objective was achieved in 2007, and "Xcellweb Internet Services" as it was titled, was positioned as WirralNet's premium internet services brand, carrying the tagline of "Web Solutions That Work!"
In 2008, the brand changed from "Xcellweb Internet Services" to "xcellweb.net", to better reflect the internet orientated services offered.
2008 also saw the launch of the WirralNet Client Centre, a centralised client accounts and support system for WirralNet services, designed to replace the Xcellhelp Centre, alongside an affiliate plan.
2009 was an uneventful year for xcellweb.net, as WirralNet concentrated on developing other new services and brands, but in 2010 WirralNet began overhauling xcellweb.net, with the acquisition of xcellweb.com, and in 2011 a new website based on a re-developed logo, and the tagline, "Empowering Your Online Presence" were launched.
Latest News
22.03.11 - New Website Launched
We are pleased to announce that our long awaited new website is now online. We have, in addition, revised the colour scheme of the logo - your client area interface has also changed.
14.02.11 - Revision To Our Packages And Pricing
As part of our continued commitment to delivering the best value internet services to our clients, many of our services have undergone major revisions, and now offer better value than ever.
01.01.11 - Happy New Year
We would like to wish all our customers a very happy, prosperous and healthy new year, and thank you for your continued custom and support.
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