Affiliate Scheme
Our affiliate scheme is a fantastic way for you to earn cash, without having to lift a finger, and even better, it is available to everyone, even people who are not (and never have been) customers of!! With a 5.00 welcome bonus absolutely free, and generous, continuous monthly payouts for referred clients, our affiliate scheme could truly end up making you a decent source of additional income!
Just for signing up, we will credit your account:

and then for each sale you generate, we will pay:
● Shared Hosting - 20.00%
● Reseller Hosting - 20.00%
● Dedicated Servers - 10.00%
● Virtual Servers - 10.00%
● Shoutcast & NSV Servers - 20.00%
● Domain Names - 10.00%

● Affiliate accounts are free for customers and non-customers alike.
● Payments are credited 60 days after each paid renewal of the referred clients service. So if you referred a client, who pays 10.00 per month for hosting, this would be 2.00 per month (@ 20.00% per month) for each month that client pays for his service with us.
● Payouts can be requested when affiliate account reaches 10.00. Payments take up to 14 days to be processed and are only paid into PayPal accounts.
Start Earning!
Signing up for our affiliate account is a very quick and straightforward process, and within minutes, or even seconds, you can be all set to begin earning money!
If you already have an account with us, please use this link to activate your affiliate account:
Existing Customers

If you don't have an account with us, please use the following link to get an affiliate account:
New Customers
Links & Banners for Affiliates
Please use the following banners for adverts on your website, social networking sites etc... we will launch more banners containing the new logo, including flash and animated banners, soon...

Why Choose Us?
Reasons you can feel secure with us...
● We've been in business since 2002
● 24/7 UK customer services
● Fair & Sustainable pricing
● No hidden charges, ever!
● 99.9% proven uptime & SLA
● Redundant support network
Read more about our background...

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